Testing equipment

We pride ourselves on being able to conduct certain tests in house so that we can validate equipment under the required legislation and help prove how and why those products are fit for purpose.

Our height safety training area also has a drop testing facility which allows us to test various products made by many manufacturers so that we fully comply with the latest PPE regulations that make the distributor as liable as the manufacturer should and incident take place. This facility also allows us to make our own videos of how fall arrest and rescue systems operate. This has proved very helpful when conducting training with new students as visual recognition always helps deliver the technical aspect of how their PPE actually works. With a large safe viewing area, we can also conduct drop tests with clients so we can demonstrate how are solution would work in relation to their specific requirement.

We also conduct goods lifting and man riding equipment tests in line with all legislative guidance. The majority of these processes are conducted with our technicians having been trained by the manufacturers themselves and we only ever fit genuine parts to ensure that the manufacturers cover will always remain in place. These testing facilities are designed to test all forms of equipment from tripods and davits to large capacity mobile ‘A’ frames.

Our breathing apparatus is tested using the latest computer-controlled test rig that ensures that tidal flows and air delivered meets the exact criteria that is required by the manufacturer. This is used in conjunction with their own software that delivers the exact tests that are required to satisfy the PPE regulations for breathing apparatus. So when your breathing apparatus is on hire or serviced by us we can ensure that it will perform in exactly the same way as if it was new.

With our own hydro static test rig for compressed air cylinders with M18 x 1.5 valves allows us to perform the required 5 yearly test for cylinders that are not used under water or every 30 months for cylinders that are. We also have charging facilities on site to supply high pressure certified breathable air up to 300 bar, so all cylinders we receive with an M18 x 1.5 valve can be tested and filled no matter what size they are.

For more details on any of our test facilities please give us a call and we will be happy to go through anything you may have questions on.