Safegate Plastic Barrier

Safegate Plastic Barrier in 4 gate configuration Safegate Plastic Barrier integral locking clamp Safegate Plastic Barrier used to prevent a trip hazard Safegate Plasice Barrier folded flat for transit
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The Safegate Plastic Barrier is designed for small excavations usually around manhole repairs, cable laying and other temporary works. They can also be used to protect areas requiring temporary restriction such as wet floors or other work in progress.

The system comprises of a set of high-visibility hinged gates usually in a 3 or 4 way configuration that fold flat for easy transportation and storage. They can be linked together to form larger barriers although they are not intended for true excavations. Integral locking clamps aid stability when the barriers are deployed in a straight line.

Small, light and compact they are ideal for utility companies and small street works. These barriers are compliant with Chapter 8 Streetworks.

Gate Size: 750mm wide x 1000mm high, weight per gate is 2kg.

The prices shown are for individual panels but are usually used as a minimum of four to form a square.

Sales price excluding VAT & carriage
1 Safegate Plastic Barrier complete with 2 connection clips €26.40