Confined Space - 6160-02 Medium Risk

Ashfield Safety Hire is an approved centre for the The City & Guilds Confined Spaces (6160) qualifications which are endorsed by Energy and Utility Skills. The aim of this course is to reflect the national occupational standard (NOS) for a medium risk related confined space environment

All learners who successfully pass their course will be certified for three years and their details will be entered on to the City & Guilds database.

Level 2 Award in Working in Medium Risk Confined Spaces (6160-02)

This unit covers entry into NC1, NC2 and NC3 category confined spaces. Learners will be shown how to safely enter into these category confined spaces including the different requirements of access equipment for NC2 and NC3 confined spaces. Monitoring the atmosphere and having a structured plan of action in place to deal with any anomaly, along with reporting procedures. The use of self contained escape breathing apparatus as part of the planned means of self rescue.

Course overview:

  • Prepare to work safely in medium risk confined spaces
  • Enter and exit a medium risk confined space safely
  • Prepare and use escape breathing apparatus in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications
  • Use equipment and tools safely and in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications
  • Follow working procedures and work safely
  • Deal with emergencies
  • Understand the principles of working in medium risk confined spaces
  • Understand standard protocols for working in medium risk confined spaces

The candidates will be assessed by:

  • Direct observation of an entry into a realistic NC3 category medium risk confined space
  • Written exam

This course does not cover the use of Breathing Apparatus.

Course Prerequisites:

  • Candidates must be medically fit to undertake the training and will be asked to self-certify during the induction
  • Candidates must not exceed 140kg (22 stones) in weight as this is the current maximum user weight for the fall protection equipment that will be used during the training

Course Price: €454.00 Per Person

Photo ID Card: €17.50 Per Person

Course Duration: 2 days