Tool Retention

Being struck by falling tools or equipment is a leading cause of injury to workers. We have a range of products that are easily fitted into your existing tool range to prevent this type of incident.

FA 10 904 00 Removable Tool Lanyard Keeper

Removable Tool Lanyard Keeper

The FA 10 904 00 removable tool lanyard keeper is quite simply perfect for use with any harness where a tool tethering or karabiner parking requirement is needed. It simply attaches by Velcro around the webbing of the harness and is as simple as that.

The fact that it uses Velcro will also mean that should you take a fall and your tool gets caught up on the structure the tear out force will ensure you are not injured by hanging you from that point.

The FA 10 904 00 should in no way be used as a rescue or fall arrest attachment point.

Sales price excluding VAT
FA 10 904 00 Removeable Tool or Lanyard Keeper €2.60

Attachment Points

D-ring tool attachment Tool cinch attachment D-ring cord attachment Quick Spin Attachments

We offer a complete solution that can be quickly attached to your tools to provide anchor points.

  • D-ring attachments for tools under 2.3kg using quick wrap tape that adapts to the shape of whatever it is applied to. This self-fusing silicone rubber leaves no residue when removed.
  • Tool cinch attachments for tools and equipment up to 15.9kg that have stabilisation wings that can be used in conjunction with the quick wrap tape.
  • D-ring cords where there is a pre-drilled hole or closed handle for quick attachment. Suitable for tools up to 2.3kg
  • Quick Spin attachments with swivel tops that slide on to tool handles. These are re-usable and suitable for non-conductive use.
Sales price excluding VAT
D-ring Attachment 14mm x 57mm - Load Rating 0.9kg €6.72 Each €51.72 (x10)
D-ring Attachment 27mm x 90mm - Load Rating 2.3kg €6.91 Each €53.16 (x10)
Yellow Quick Wrap Tape 2.5cm x 274cm €25.58 Each €196.80 (x10)
Tool Cinch Attachment - Load Rating 15.9kg €19.66 Each €151.20 (x10)
D-ring Cord - Load Rating 2.3kg €4.63 Each €35.64 (x10)
Quick Spin Attachment - 1.5cm diameter - Load Rating 0.5kg €9.40 Each €72.24 (x10)
Quick Spin Attachment - 2.0cm diameter - Load Rating 0.5kg €9.40 Each €72.24 (x10)
Quick Spin Attachment - 2.5cm diameter - Load Rating 0.5kg €9.40 Each €72.24 (x10)
Quick Spin Attachment - 3.1cm diameter - Load Rating 0.5kg €9.95 Each €76.56 (x10)

Tool Lanyards

Hook2Loop Lanyards Hook2Rail Lanyard Trigger to Trigger Lanyard Bungee Tethers

A range of lanyards to easily tether your tools to your harness or other suitable connection point.

  • Hook2Loop lanyards that have aluminium double-action twist-lock karabiners to prevent accidental opening. They are available with a load rating up to 36.3kg.
  • Hook2Rail lanyards with aluminium double-action twist-lock karabiner and double-action twist-lock rail karabiner.
  • Trigger to Trigger lanyards with thumb controlled trigger snaps with swivel for tangle resistance.
  • Hook2Loop bungee tethers with aluminium double-action twist-lock karabiners and available with a load rating up to 15.9kg.
  • Bungee Tethers with aluminium double-action twist-lock karabiners and load ratings of up to 15.9kg.
Sales price excluding VAT
Medium Duty Hook2Loop Lanyard - Load Rating 15.9kg - Length 182.9cm €25.68 Each -
Heavy Duty Hook2Loop Lanyard - Load Rating 36.3kg - Length 182.9cm €34.92 Each -
Heavy Duty Hook2Rail Lanyard - Load Rating 36.3kg - Length 182.9cm €60.00 Each -
Trigger to Trigger Lanyard - Load Rating 4.5kg - Length 30.48cm €9.86 Each €75.84 (x10)
Hook2Loop Bungee Tether - Load Rating 4.5kg - Length: Relaxed 91.3cm, Stretched 119.4cm €26.05 Each €200.40 (x10)
Medium Duty Hook2Loop Bungee Tether - Load Rating 15.9kg - Length: Relaxed 78.7cm, Stretched 132.1cm €29.40 Each -

Retr@ct 360

Retr@ct 360

The Retr@ct 360 is a retractable lanyard for hand tools up to 5 kg. Worn on a belt or clipped to a full body harness this item will ensure that your tools stay with you and do not land you in court.

Simply attach the tool to the lanyard and pull the cord out as far as you need it, and there it will stay. When you’re finished simply press the button in the centre and the cord will retract.

A perfect solution for working with tools at height.

Weekly hire rate excluding VAT
Retr@ct 360 Tool Lanyard €6.25
Sales price excluding VAT
Retr@ct 360 Tool Lanyard €57.60

Coil Tethers

Clip2Loop Coil Tether Hard Hat Tether Hook2Hook Coil Tether Trigger2Trigger Coil Tether Wristband with Attachments

Compact coil tethers for quickly securing smaller items such as hard hats, phones and hand tools.

  • Clip2Loop coil tether provides a secure method of tethering cameras, cell phones, radios and other small objects.
  • Hard Hat tether has a compact design that keeps it out of the way of the user.
  • Hook2Hook coil tethers with a relaxed length of 12.7cm and a stretched length of 157.5cm
  • Trigger2Trigger coil tether is perfect for use with wristbands and small tools.
  • Adjustable wristband with a hook and loop systems to fit any wrist size.
Sales price excluding VAT
Clip2Loop Coil Tether - Load Rating 0.9kg - Length: Relaxed 17.8cm, Stretched 86.4cm €19.19 Each €147.60 (x10)
Hard Hat Tether - Load Rating 0.9kg - Length: Relaxed 10.2cm, Stretched 186.4cm €10.61 Each €78.36 (x10)
Hook2Hook Coil Tether - Load Rating 2.3kg - Length: Relaxed 10.2cm, Stretched 157.5cm €25.27 Each €194.40 (x10)
Trigger to Trigger Coil Tether - Load Rating 02.3kg - Length: Relaxed 4.4cm, Stretched 70.0cm €11.69 Each €89.88 (x10)
Adjustable Wristband - Load Rating 02.3kg €17.94 Each €138.00 (x10)

Tool Holsters

Single and Dual Tool Holsters Radio Holster Small Parts Pouch

Keep your equipment close to hand with a tool holster.

  • Single and dual tool holsters that have d-rings load rated for 2.3kg. The have hi-vis reflectors and a powerful magnetic staging systems to allow your tools to simply stick to the holster. They have a bottom drain to help keep the holster dry and protect your tools from rusting.
  • Adjustable Radio holster that adjusts to fit most handheld radios, mobile phones and other devices. They can be attached to your belt or harness.
  • Small Parts Pouches that have a self-closure system that traps object inside and makes them nearly impossible to fall out. As no opening or closing is required parts are still easy to retrieve. They have belt loops and are compatible with most tool belts.
Sales price excluding VAT
Single Tool Harness Holster with Retractor €50.16
Dual Tool Harness Holster with Two Retractors €72.24
Dual Tool Belt Holster with Two Retractors €72.24
Adjustable Radio Holster, Clip2Loop Coil Tether and Micro D-Ring €46.56
Black Small Parts Pouch €60.00
Black Extra Deep Small Parts Pouch €63.60

Spill Control Buckets

Safe Buckets Inside view of a Safe Bucket Hard Body Safe Bucket Insert

Safe Buckets are available with either a drawstring top or a hook and loop closure system which helps to prevent accidental drops. They come in heavy duty canvas and vinyl options with a capcity of 1840³.

Both bucket options have a hard composite plate sewn into the bottom to protect them from accidental punctures and a protective sleeve. The handle on the buckets is heavy-duty webbing with aluminium twist-lock karabiners load rated for 30kN.

They include multiple connection points inside the bucket for tethering to.

A Safe Bucket insert is available to make it easier to stage tools from. Four inner pockets are built in allowing tools to be quickly selected and holstered.

Sales price excluding VAT
Canvas, Hook & Loop Safe Bucket - Load Rating 45.5kg €118.56
Canvas, Drawstring Safe Bucket - Load Rating 45.5kg €118.56
Vinyl, Hook & Loop Safe Bucket - Load Rating 113.4kg €150.00
Vinyl, Drawstring Safe Bucket - Load Rating 113.4kg €150.00
Hard Body Safe Bucket Insert €38.40

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