Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)


ProPak-Sigma ProPak-i ProPak-f ProPak-fx

A range of positive pressure self-contained breathing apparatus sets approved to EN137:2006 Type 2, incorporating the stringent Full Flame Engulfment Test and to the 9th amendment of MED.

They have a compact positive pressure demand valve featuring servo-assisted, tilting diaphragm mechanism with low inspiratory resistance and responsive dynamic performance, automatic first breath actuation and hands-free bypass facility.

  • ProPak-Sigma: Designed as a compliance set for Marine or Industrial fire fighting environments.
  • ProPak-i: Designed as a fire fighting set in the Industrial, Professional Fire Fighting or Oil & Gas markets.
  • ProPak-f: Designed for use by the Fire Service or as a fire fighting set in the Oil & Gas markets.
  • ProPak-fx: Designed specifically to meet the demands of the Professional Fire Service
Weekly hire rate excluding VAT
ProPak-i complete with Face Mask and Cylinder €81.25
Cylinder Recharge €7.5
Sales price excluding VAT
ProPak-Sigma €914.40
ProPak-i €1,017.60
ProPak-f €1,164.00
ProPak-fx €1,200.00

The ProPaks do not come with face masks or cylinders, these need to be ordered separately.

Service price excluding parts and VAT
ProPak - all models €40.63


Sigma-2 and Panaseal Face Mask Sigma-2 laid out flat Panaseal Face Mask

Sigma-2 is a self-contained positive pressure breathing apparatus which comes complete with a Panaseal positive pressure face mask in black Neoprene, moulded composite backplate with fully adjustable harness and infinitely adjustable Kevlar webbing cylinder band.

There is also a shoulder mounted pressure gauge with a 55 bar warning whistle.

  • Proven High Performance Pneumatic system.
  • Compact first breath activated demand valve with bypass.
  • Ergonomically designed lightweight backplate and type 2 harness.
  • Kevlar blend flame retardant webbing with Kevlar cylinder band.
  • Corrosion resistant Nickel plated components.
  • Simple operation for users.
  • All components are low cost and easy to maintain.
  • Wide range of 200 and 300 bar steel or carbon fibre cylinders.
Sales price excluding VAT
Sigma-2 with Panaseal Face Mask in Black Neoprene €852.00
Service price excluding parts and VAT
Sigma-2 €40.63


Centurian SCBA Set Centurian Backplate - Wearer Side Centurian Backplate - Cylinder Side Panaseal and Vison 3 face masks

Centurion SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) set the target for performance, reliability and ease of maintenance. The proven pneumatics system combined with the robust, stainless steel backplate provides unprecedented levels of reliability in some of the harshest environments.

Centurion, used worldwide by hundreds of thousands of fire-fighters and defence personnel has proven to be the SCBA by which other sets are measured. Centurion sets make up the largest numbers of the SCBA that we offer in our hire fleet.

This item is no longer available to purchase as it is now obsolete and has been replaced by the Contour.

Weekly hire rate excluding VAT
Centurion Set complete with Face Mask and Cylinder €81.25
Cylinder Recharge €7.50
Service price excluding parts and VAT
Centurion Set with Backplate, Cylinder Mount and Pneumatics €40.63


Contour 100 Backplate - Cylinder Side Contour 100 - Wearer Side Contour 100 and Cylinder Contour 300 and Cylinder Contour 500 Vision 3, Panaseal and Promask face masks

The Contour is a self-contained breathing apparatus set. The two stage pneumatic system comprises of the Tempest automatic positive pressure demand valve with bypass, shoulder mounted pressure gauge with 55 bar warning whistle and first stage pressure reducer with a single high pressure cylinder connector.

The Contour requires a face mask and cylinder which have to be ordered as separate items.

The harness is fabricated from flame retardant 50% Kevlar blend materials and features a half lumber pad.

Contour is available as the 100, 300 and 500, with the 100 being the most basic of the three.

Weekly hire rate excluding VAT
Contour 100 Pneumatics, Gauge, Whistle, adjustable body harness with single cylinder holder, cylinder and mask €81.25
Cylinder Recharge €7.50
Service price excluding parts and VAT
Contour 100 €40.63
Contour 300 €40.63
Contour 500 €40.63

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