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Ash Ladder Sets

Ash Ladder Set Ash Ladder Set Close Up Ash Ladder Set kit elements Ash Ladder Set stabilisers and Bag

The Ash Ladder Set offers a simple solution to a third point of contact leaving both hands free to operate hand tools. The set adjusts simply and fits almost any make of ladder whilst being easy to use.

The ladder standoff accommodates for pipe work and corners of buildings allowing for three different positions. Stabilisers offer increased stability and the rope strop harness and connector come in a handy storage bag.

The set consists of: one twin point full body harness, 1 x 10 metre rope (ladders of 10.5m maximum) 1 x 1000kg 0.5 metre endless sling, 1 x rope rocker, 2 x screw gate karabiners, one transit bag, one pair of ladder stabilisers and one ladder standoff.

Weekly hire rate excluding VAT
Ash Ladder Set €31.25
Sales price excluding VAT
Ash Ladder Set €449.04
Service price excluding parts and VAT
Ash Ladder Set €25.00

Railok III

Railok III Railok III on rail Railok III in use

The Sala Railok III system is widely used for transmitter towers and other permanent structures where height safety on fixed ladders is an issue.

The Railok III attaches simply to the rail and then allows movement up and down without the need to adjust anything. Should a fall take place the trolley springs back against the rail and bites into it to form a solid lock off that then deploys a shock absorbing pack.

Correctly serviced and maintained this system will gives a great many years of service.

Sales price excluding VAT
Railok III Trolley Device €896.40
Service price excluding parts and VAT
Railok III €43.75

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